Lay Away


We Offer Layaway!

Layaway allows you to buy an item using payment installments over time so you can buy that Designer Wish Bag now even if you don’t yet have all the funds available.

You will have 60 days to pay the balance and the item will be sent to you after the final payment is complete. You may chose the date (s) for your payment(s).

Free of fee or interest!!!!

Make as many payments as you need during the period of 60 days.

Disguise big payments into smaller payments 😉



Thank you for your interest in our layaway program. Below we have included our layaway terms and conditions for your review!



Layaway Period – Orders may be placed on layaway for a maximum period of 60 days. Customers have the option of paying the layaway order balance in full at any time prior to the completion of the 60-day layaway period.

Payment Terms – Orders placed on layaway require a 20% down payment.

For Hermès Items (Birkin, Kelly and Constance) 50% down payment.

There are no extra fees or interests.

Returns/Exchanges – Returns or exchanges are not accepted on layaway orders. Please be sure you review the item description and photos thoroughly before making a purchase. Ask extra pictures, videos or informations if you wish.

Expiration/Cancellation – All layaways must be paid within 60 days. Any layaways not paid in full upon the expiration of the 60 days period will result in a cancellation of the order and the loss of your 20% down payment**. For layaway cancellations, the first payment is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Changing bags during the duration of a layaway is treated as cancellation. Result in a loss of your 20% down payment.

Designer Wish Bags also reserves the right to make select items unavailable for layaway.

Only one item may be checked out using layaway at one time. Any layaway can be completed early by paying in full. The purchased item will be sent on completion of the final payment.

**LayAway for Hermès Birkin, Kelly and Constance with 50% Down Payment.